Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Table manners have become more relaxed in informal situations and, unfortunately, are often taken less seriously.

They are, however, an important indicator of general good manners. In any formal situation minor details can have a major effect so good table manners are an absolute must.

Good behaviour that seems natural and unforced can also give one confidence in public speaking and can contribute greatly to professional and private success. “Manners maketh man,” as the saying goes.

Then like everywhere: the devil is in the detail.

Subjects of the evening:

• Entering a restaurant
• Seating arrangements
• Role of the host
• Dealing with small talk
• Finger food
• The contemporary table knigge
• Dos and don’ts

Welcoming guests: at 06.00 p.m. duration about 3 hours

Menu & Price

Lettuce / tomatoes / sprouts / shrimps / balsamico dressing
sautéed chicken breast Suprême
rosemary gravy / tagliatelle / summer vegetables
chocolate mousse / forest berries / fresh berries


CHF 95.00 per person, incl. aperitif & dinner


Information & reservation:

CU Restaurant - Bar, Lounge & Terrace

Timon Venzin, Host 
Tel. +41 41 727 44 54