The CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge offers its guest a quick, innovative and well-balanced lunch service.  

The CU@LUNCHTIME lunch menu consists of either a soup of the day or a salad and a selection of three main courses – meat, fish or vegetarian. You may also add the dessert of the day to your menu.  Our food allergy and vegan dishes are marked with G, L or V. 

We serve you the CU @ LUNCHTIME from Monday to Friday from 11.30 a.m. until 02.00 p.m.

CHF 29.00 without dessert – +CHF 6.00 with dessert
CHF 26.00 without dessert – +CHF 6.00 with dessert

Prices incl. 7,7% VAT.

New opening hours

Enjoy lunch or dinner on the loveliest garden terrace in Zug.

In fine weather we also have delicious barbecue dishes and if you’re peckish or just want to chill out, why not enjoy our super tapas?

Open daily from Monday until Friday from 11.30am until 2 pm and 5.30pm until 9pm.
Open on Saturdays for your private events on request.
Sundays from 9.30am to 3pm public late risers’ breakfast.

On request from 10 persons home delivery of your favourite dishes during opening times. Advance booking essential. Also available for you to pick up as takeaway.

Monday, 25. May 2020

Soup of the day
mango-cucumber salad (G/L/V)
pulled chicken borrito / avocado / Kidney beans
Cheddar / yogurt topping / sweet potato fries (G/L)
poached salmon steak / celery-sorrel mash
steamed Thai spinach (G/L)
curry bowl / rice / lentils / chick pea curry sauce
mango / grapes / kale / lime-coconut dressing (L/V)

Tuesday, 26. May 2020

Soup of the day
tomato salad / lemon (G/L/V)
sautéed lamb fillets / balsamico lentils
broccoli / pita (L)
fried sea bass fillet / coriander butter
lemon risotto / romanesco (G/L)
roasted cauliflower / fluffy bramata
tempura lemon / Onsen egg / parsley (L)

Wednesday, 27. May 2020

Soup of the day
broccoli-Edamame-bean salad / coconut (G/L/V)
sautéed beef steak / gremolata foam
potato rösti / green asparagus (L/G)
pan fried zander médaillon / chard
parsley potatoes / saffron foam (G/L)
egg plant ricotta rolls
quinoa / tomato chutney (G/V)

Thursday, 28. May 2020

Soup of the day
green celery salad / feta / egg (G/L)
pork saltimbocca / tomato gnocchi
grilled courgettes (L)
pan fried tuna steak / asian pak choi
mango sauce / basmati rice (L)
beluga lentils curry / fried feta
sautéed eggplant (L)

Friday, 29. May 2020

Soup of the day
fennel salad / apple / yogurt-raspberry dressing (G/L/V)
sautéed veal escalope / mediterranean vegetables
rosemary oven potatoes (G/L)
steamed st. peter fillet / vegetables£
junipers jus / wild garlic pesto tagliatelle (L)
japanese Udon noodle pot / greentea egg / carrots / bamboo
tofu / cipoloti / shitake (L)

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